Complexion Renewal & Healing System

Cleanse, polish, heal and tone your skin with a 3-step face care system. The Cytotone Complexion Renewal System includes the Facial Scrub & Mask, Post-Traumatic Response Gel and Waterless Cleanser. 

Our potent facial scrub and mask delivers on its promise to give you a brighter, more vibrant complexion. Its invigorating, organic formula is packed with kaolin clay and sea kelp extracts to detoxify skin for a deep-clean sensation.Using powerful exfoliants like activated coconut charcoal and organic willow bark, Cytotone Facial Scrub + Mask takes you on a sensorial journey to purer, more radiant skin.

Discover the advanced healing power of our most popular product. This lightweight, organic gel floods skin with a rush of high-impact antioxidants to quickly give your skin the defense it needs to heal within minutes. Post-Traumatic Response Gel is designed to restore your skin’s vitality after minor trauma or cosmetic procedures and protect it from environmental stressors.

Enjoy the unique benefits of this revolutionary alcohol-free cleansing toner. Infused with 79% organic ingredients, Cytotone Waterless Cleanser helps detoxify and purify your skin, cleansing it of makeup and environmental debris.