Why MatrX B

Having spent over a decade working in the medical and aesthetic field, Dr. Yazdani noticed a need in the marketplace for a product that would accelerate the healing process after trauma on the skin, but in a safe and natural way.

 Now, think about your “go-to” product  whenever you’re experiencing a cut, bruise, burn, swelling or pain. The problem with a lot of our “go-to’s” lie in the ingredient list.  These commonly used products often contain harsh chemicals, preservatives, and alcohol which are all very harmful to the skin.


 Red irritated skin? You might run to an antibiotic ointment.  Avoiding antibiotic creams for your “run of the mill” scrapes, cuts, and burns is important because:  


  • Contains petroleum 
  • Promotes antibiotic resistance
  • Irritant to skin 
  • Inhibits natural healing process 

 Antibiotic ointments consists of synthesized chemicals suspended in a petroleum jelly base. Dr. Oz advises us to “steer clear of any products that list petroleum jelly or mineral oil on the ingredient list.” Petroleum products linked to breast cancer.; levels of hydrocarbons, a substance found in petroleum jelly, is double in the breast tissue of women with breast cancer compared to those without. 

WHY MatrX B Response Gel?

MatrX B contains no petroleum or mineral oil.  Its magical properties aides in rapid recovery of traumatized skin with nature’s best ingredients.

Sunburn?  A product to reach for may be an aloe vera gel, but let us tell you why that may not be the best idea.  Take a closer look at the ingredient list, and you’ll find some of the worst  “no-no’s” are present in all drug store aloe vera gels.  

Triethanolamine (or TEA)

 This common ingredient in skincare products can cause allergic reactions, eye irritation, and dry hair. There is also some research that suggests it can be toxic if it is absorbed into the body over a long period of time.  On the EWG’s Products to Avoid List.


 The beauty industry’s favorite catch-all phrase. The word “fragrance” covers any combination of over 3,100 chemicals, some of which are associated with serious side effects, such as hormone disruption and reproductive problems. On the EWG’s Products to Avoid List.

Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate

 This preservative agent is known to cause allergic reactions when applied to the skin. There are also concerns that it is acutely toxic if inhaled. Would you want to put that on your kid’s skin? On the EWG’s Products to Avoid List.

WHY MatrX B Response Gel?

MATRxB does not contain any of the above ingredients. We incorporate powerful yet all natural ingredients such arnica, witch hazel and astaxanthin, so safe even children can use it on their delicate skin.

Bruising and swelling?  You might be looking for a ‘natural’ remedy after a minor cosmetic treatment.  Think again, as leading brand of arnica montana cream is based in alcohol and sorbic acid, both known to cause hypersensitivity and drying of skin.  New data shows to maintain skin’s natural healing process, you must protect its probiotic film.  Alcohol denatures these helpful bacteria on contact.   


WHY MatrX B Response Gel?

 MatrX B is high in organic Arnica Montana based in aloe and other safe doctor-approved complexes  making it the first and only safe product on the market for post-traumatic skin .

Seaside Medical Practice’s Post-traumatic Response Gel with MatrX B is a clinically and dermatologically tested formulation infused to boost antioxidant levels and provide an influx of organic ingredients which increases the skin’s rapid-repair mechanisms on damaged skin. 

Try it to believe it.