Valentine's Day Gift Set - MatrX B Response Gel Pack of 2

Post-Traumatic Response Gel at 60% Organic, is our most popular product.  Not only is it designed to reduce bruising, redness, blemishes, inflammation, treat minor cuts, sun burns, bug bites *and more*, it is the #1 organic healing gel for lip eczema.  This revolutionary gel is safe for all skin types and combines a powerhouse of antioxidants and soothing botanicals like astaxanthin, arnica montana, aloe vera and spirulina to maximize your skin’s natural healing response. You’ll quickly notice the difference as your skin is restored and rejuvenated to its healthiest state within minutes. Post-Traumatic Response Gel is designed to restore your skin’s vitality after minor trauma or cosmetic procedures and protect it from environmental stressors.  

Gift sets come with towel, canvas bag, samples and more! While supplies last.